pecking order?

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    We got our first chickens back in April when they were just 2 weeks old. We ended up with 2 BR, 1 BA, 1 NH and 1 EE. My girls really seem to get along and have very few squabbles. I watched them many times to see how they interacted and the pecking order escaped me. After a while I determined that 1 BR was in deed top and my EE was bottom but the other 3 seemed to be equivalent. Well a couple months ago we lost our BR to sour crop and i assumed someone would take over as top dog (I mean hen) but it isn't clear to me that anyone has. However recently I have noticed that my remaining BR either doesn't want to or isn't allowed to get on the roost at night... not every night but often enough. I usually pick her up and put her up there when i close up the coop but I don't go back out and check if she remains up there. Do you think this means she is now at the bottom of the pecking order? Her and the other BR seemed to stick close together so I wonder if now the others feel like she doesn't have her buddy anymore so they can pick on her. I don't notice any other problems between them and her. The other day her feathers did look a little ragged but not horribly. Just curious, I know there's not much I can do about it.
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    Yeah, the pecking order can change, especially when the top bird goes, but also often for no apparent(to us) reason.

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