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I'm new to all this..

I just recieved my order from Ideal today and have a question. Let me start off by saying that I ordered 4, but they sent me 16!

I have someone picking up the extra 12 later on today, but one chick seems to keep pecking all the others. I read that this can be a problem in chickens and that you need to seperate the one that is wounded. But do I also need to do this on my chicks?

I have put my four chicks by themselves and they dont have a problem right now, but Im curious about later on. I picked up one of my RIR's and I did notice a very tiny spec of blood right by her eye, should I worry about this? The four that I ordered are 2 Buff Orpingtons and two RIR's. The other 12 are black with a little yellow on them. Thanks for all the help!


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Well, as long as they don't have lots of blood, I wouldn't worry a bit. Under a few weeks old, picking doesn't really do damage and is rather a test of "is this eatable" or "what is this?"

Enjoy your new chicks!

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