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Pecky Cockerel

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by xx Georgina xx, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. xx Georgina xx

    xx Georgina xx Chirping

    May 29, 2013
    I have just been told I can keep the cockerel until my brother looses interest in him.
    My brother's cockerel, loves sitting on everything but can be very hard work with the girl's, I have hatched him out so he is not 2nd handed, he is in his teens now and he loves sitting on top of everything, when we first moved into the older girl's with his flock he jumped on top of the Pekin (snowdrop) and pulled her beard under her beak, he has always been Pecky ever since he was born.

    him and my new girl's that I have raised are on to their pecking order but I would like the cockerel to stop pecking at my hand when I pick him up for bed, can you give me an idea how to get him to stop pecking me when I pick him up?

    Thank you x

  2. imogene08

    imogene08 Chirping

    May 12, 2013
    Well pecking is a sign of curiosity or dominance mostly chickens peck because something new and their curious.Now for
    Dominance they will pick and people say to peck back with your finger to show your top of them.Most likely your rooster is pecking because he doesn't like being picked up but try pecking him back only thing I can think of
  3. xx Georgina xx

    xx Georgina xx Chirping

    May 29, 2013
    Thank you, I will try that x
  4. azygous

    azygous Free Ranging

    Dec 11, 2009
    Colorado Rockies
    Yes, "pecking" back with your finger is a good way to teach him his behavior is unacceptable. You can also pinch the skin on the back of his neck for a few seconds, while wrapping your hand around his beak.

    Since this has been going on since the very start, it may be hard to break him of it. But be consistent and it may pay off.
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