Peep at the Coops in Dallas Texas 2012


May 14, 2011
DFW - mid cities, Tx
I thought I'd share with you the pictures I took today of chicken coops and gardens. This was a tour of chicken coop to benefit Stonewall gardens at Stonewall Elementary school. It is an outside botanical lab for children.

Stonewall elementary school gardens.

Coop #1. It is actually 2 coops in the back 2 corners of the yard that are connected by a chicken tunnel that goes through the back fence and runs along side the alley and back through the fence to the other coop.

Coop 1A

Coop 1B

This is the chicken tunnel on the backside of the fence that connects the 2 coops!

Thanks for sharing that! Very interesting. I wonder if raccoons lie in wait at night in that alley.....
Here is coop #2. This fellow has his coop up against his house between the house and his driveway.

Here is the run on the other side of the coop

this is his beehive

This is his vegetable garden

This guy is starting a business to custom build coop. Sorry I don't remember his name.
Coop # 3. This was really something to see. He has a chicken tunnel also that goes to another yard on the side of his house. My pictures don't "do it justice"

The other side of the tunnel looking at it from the back yard

This is looking at it from the front yard.

His back yard fountain

His blackberry fence. I'll bet it's quite the predator deterrent.

His vegetable garden.

One piece of his flower garden.

Coop # 7. This couple has 18 RIR in 4 coops that are enclosed in chicken wire and plastic livestock netting at the top. He says he has had the netting since last September and has the falling leaves under control

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