Peeper and the terrible, horrible, very bad leg band

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    Jul 28, 2014
    Yesterday everyone got NPIP tested and banded and Peepers the silkie Rooster is not pleased. He's been walking like this since the band was put on:
    *normal step*
    *banded foot WAY up high in the air* *hold it...hold it..* *puts foot down*
    *normal step*
    And repeat.
    After watching this charade for several minutes, I decided maybe the band is on too tight? Nope, perfect fit. Everyone else doesn't seem to notice their bands, but Peepers is absolutely flabbergasted at this silver thing that is on his leg.
  2. microchick

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    Kind of like watching a dog the first time it wears a set of snow boots.

    Oh well at least he isn't just falling over stiff as a board like when you put a sweater on a cat.
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    LOL. I had one chicken who fell over like the cat. I put a stretchy sleeve over her torso to protect a wound that had healed part way and she sort of flopped over. I had tried this with another hen who got used to it pretty quickly. It is funny how chickens react differently to stuff like this.

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