8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Knee Deep
Aint sure if this goes here, but I have a ee roo that will be 1 year old soon. From day one he has had problems. He had a eye that would seal shut and need wiped several times a day, and now needs wiped a few times a week and gets little bubbles in it. Than his buttom beak started to twist. I have to trim his top beak every few weeks or he can't eat, which is already hard for him. How long, if ever, till the beak stops growing? I also have to clean his ears out about once a month or he can't hear, because of what looks like wax. Peepers was slow in letting me know what sex he was and even slower in crowing. His brothers and sister came out fine and he is half their size. What would cause this? Any thing I should do to help him out more? Thanks for the infor on peepers.
I have never heard anything like this before!? did something happen to him as a chick? like get in fights or bigger chickens picking on him? Did something happen when he was in the incubator or under mama hen as an egg?
He came out from under the hen with one eye sealed shut and it just kept on sealing shut. Now he gets little bubbles in it and it leaks into his puffy cheek being that he's an ee. After the brothers and sister out grew him he has been kept alone so he can eat all he wants and has chicks for company when I have any.

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