Peg Leg needs a butt bath

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    I purchased six two year old hens at the first of March. Peg Leg and her sister who are both white leghorns were both still moulting and looked pretty mangy. Peg Leg's sister feathered out nicely but Peg Leg still looks mangy. All her tail feathers and the ends of her wings still look like pins. Also she has a really poopy butt. I feel like she could use a good warm butt bath, but will it cause more stress than it's worth? Also, what up with the feathers? Should she be feathering out by now? One other thing....when I moved Peg Leg from her travel box at arrival I accidentally pulled her back toenail off when she was struggling. As best as I can tell it is coming back, but she has had a slight limp every since. Should I be concerned about that limp and is there anything I could/should do? Thanks for any input.

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    Poopy butt from watery poops could indicate illness.... other birds have watery poops?
    Bathing could stress her out more or ease discomfort.
    What are you feeding them?
    Are they laying?
    If toe doesn't look infected (swollen, inflamed, hot to touch) it should be fine in time.

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