Peggy the White Crested Polish age 5 weeks


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
North East
She is our favorite. After spending her first week in confinement due to a leg injury she is now our most active chick. The first to jump out of the brooder, the first to explore the far reaches of the roosts in the coop.

HAs she had feathers picked? My SL at 4 weeks looked way more "patty labelle"ish with the bouffant. My boys have more of the sparse mohawk thing happening.

Here is our self white at roughly the same age...she's a she

Our WC black hatch mate of the white - the birds are the same age, but the photos are 2 weeks apart - this one crows, a lot

I'll have to get some photos of the SL. They are really cool, feathering in nicely.
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Ack! Don't tell me that!

Peggy had a hurt leg when she arrived. She was unable to move much so she ate less. She has always been behind in growth in body and poof on her head. Though now a week after the photo above she is starting to catch up with the other two. None of my three look as poofy as your self white. But poofier then your black roo.

To be honest if we end up with a roo I will not be too upset. We did get three extra EE's for free because of a mix up. And I have a friend who would love a new roo for her flock. Though it would be sad to find out Peggy was really Paul.

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