Pekin Bantams- Colours?

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  1. I was swapped a batch of Pekin Bantam eggs for a rabbit a few months ago, and was just wondering what exactly you would call the resulting chicks colours? I was told they were Spangled, but the cockerels have always been much more white then the three pullets. Are there different variations of Spangled, or are the roos normally lighter then the hens?

    Also, I am soon going to acquire a Silver Penciled Pekin rooster. My plan is to have him with the two pullets we are keeping from this lot, and I was just wondering what colour posabilities we have?

    I have attached some photos, too. Love how fluffy their feet are <3

    First photo is the two cocks, second is of all of them. The three darker ones are the pullets, though I'm not sure how obvious it is in the pic. So hard to get them to stay still!



    Sorry for all the questions- I am only just beginning to get into this whole chicken thing, and starting to realise how much I have to learn :p

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    They probably are just spangled, in OEGB's the males have different amounts of white than the ladies (depending on your lines) The only other thing I could think of would be mille fleur? But they seem too dark XD

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