Pekin Bantams the ups and downs

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Nov 5, 2018
Birmingham UK
I had an pair of Pekin bantams raised together and they loved each other but there were issues. The female had a hormonal imbalance that caused her laying to be delaying until she was nearly a near old and before that she even crowed when she couldn't find the cockerel. Also when the male mated her he started to cause her to develop a bald spot on the top of her head which I have never seen in any of my other hens. So I ended up rehoming the female and still have the rooster. He is a gentle and tolerant little guy, very easy going and stoic. He never eats a single treat, always gives them to his hens. However he is not big enough or brave enough to dominate my one large fowl hen which makes me worry how he would react if the hens ever really needed his protection. He also attacks chicks which is very strange and inconvenient. But I like the fact that he is so mild mannered and small in terms of how he interacts with humans.


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Jul 16, 2015
I absolutely adore mine. The hens are sweet. The roosters can be sweet or feisty, so it's important to pick out a rooster more carefully. I cannot be without a flock of them.

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