Pekin banties, pullets or rues please?

yellow chick pullet or roo

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May 30, 2017
This is my little yellow chick and Im trying to decide what gender it is! They are 5 weeks. Two are certainly roos but this yellow one's comb has started to pink yesterday, how the others looked a week ago. It hatched first, feathered first and has always been the biggest. So I wander is it a roo thats a stage behind the other two of a pullet ahead of the 4th chick (which I am pretty sure is a pullet)...
The individual ones I took today and the last one a week ago, with the 4th chick front right, that comb is still yellow and looks bigger in the pic than it really is.
And finally what colour do you think theyll be? Thats not their real mum, shes a broody I bought hatching eggs for.

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