Pekin duck acting "off" ,not eating, greenish poo

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    I have a 10 month old female Pekin duck named Pickles. She is my only duck, (with currently), 5 chickens, all hens, whom she was raised with since day 2. Normally she is very active, making a big mess of everything, just like a happy duck should. [​IMG] Yesterday, she was very active and acting completely normal. Today, she was acting very low key, not rooting around in the mud like normal, and seemed to have more than normal liquidy poo. She didn't show any interest in some scraps that I threw out either, which is NOT normal, but seemed to be drinking alot of water. A little history that might help: about 2 1/2 weeks ago, one of my hens was attacked and killed, outside of the chicken yard that Pickles and my chickens free range in( my hen snuck out). Then, about 4 days ago, my rooster was killed in the chicken yard while freeranging. Both killings happened during the middle of the day. Since then, I have been locking my chickens and Pickles in the coop at night, and only allowing them access to their coop and 10' x 40' run. Normally, they all have 24/7 access to their run, not being locked in the coop at night, and freerange with access to the run and coop during the day. Since we think it may be a mink killing my chickens, we are afraid it can get through the holes the run fencing is made out of. I moniter them during the day, while they are in the run. If I am not going to be home, which has happened a few times for a few hours at a time since we have started locking them up, I keep them in the coop.The coop is 8' x 4', and I keep it VERY clean. It is filled with pine shavings, and has a poop drop board. I clean the poop board every morning, as well as the big glob of poo Pickles usually leaves. There has not been a big glob of poo for that past two mornings, which makes sense, now, since she has been having watery poos. It's probably getting soaked up in the shavings. I'm wondering, is it possible that she is just acting off, from the stress of being cooped up? or is it possible something else might be brewing? My chickens have been a through a thorough worming program, but I read lots of info not to worm ducks, so I have not wormed her. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Just thought I would add that when I went out there this morning, although she was mobile, Pickles showed no intersted in the BOSS and cracked corn that I threw out for them this morning. She usually gobbles that right up. This tells me that she is most likely not eating at all. Also, she had some very runny poo that had a mint green tinge of color to it. Not sure what that is. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Mods, if you could close this one, I moved it to Diseases, Injuries and Cures. Thanks!
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    Hi yomama, just wondering what the outcome of you duck was? Because my duck is doing this now, except we don't have any other poultry only her and she's stopped laying won't eat and will only drink water, also very quiet and just stays in the same please, would really appreciate it if you could tell me what happened to pickles
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    archie189, welcome to the Duck Forum.

    Here is the thread over on the other forum

    You may be dealing with egg yolk peritonitis, which is a systemic infection. If you can get to a vet, I strongly urge you to do so. Sometimes oral or injectable antibiotics can help. Pet Duck had this problem with Quackers last year and was able to help her.

    This is a longish story, but here is the thread about Quackers.

    Another possibility is egg binding. One of the best things to do is let her float in lukewarm water - with close supervision. Sometimes a bound egg will press on a nerve, making it difficult to move her legs.

    How long has she been like this? Is she getting layer feed, or oyster shell or other calcium supplement?
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