Pekin Duck or Drake - Genuine Mystery

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by PrintedPerfect, Dec 30, 2014.

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    I have two Pekins. The one I know for sure is a duck. The other is up for debate; I really hope someone can help me. This poor animal has went from the name "Steven" to "Bubbles" to a gender neutral "Grumpy Pants" - and if it is not a drake then I would like to get another. For GP's we call him a 'he'.

    Firstly, definitely a clue here, is that every single morning he stands on top of Tootsie's back, shoves her face down in the pool and makes quite the ruckus - poor thing sounds like a squeaker toy. Despite this morning rendezvous, I have never seen any private business, if you will. I've read that this appendage is extremely long, and it seems that while he is standing on her back you would have to notice it. Heck, I have went out of my way trying to look, (just to get to the bottom of this he/she thing), but have never seen anything.

    Aside from this, the other clues all seem to point toward he being a she.....

    - No raspy voice, the two are hard to tell apart when they qwack

    - His beak is brighter orange compared to Tootsie's but quickly faded at the tip when someone started laying eggs

    - Tootsie was only laying for a very short time before this duck/drake came into our lives. Either she lays double eggs a lot (two to four times per week) or they're both laying, which makes Grumpy Pants a duck. Seems like during that short time she did lay two eggs a day occasionally, but I can't say for sure.

    - He/She goes absolutely bananas over egg shells, just like Tootsie and my chickens when they're laying

    - He/She has no drake feather

    - Many of the eggs have what I think looks like a bulls eye or circular outline around the white spot in the yolk

    - I have a hen that is broody and have twice (in the last two weeks) put duck eggs under her but there is nothing when I candle them. It gets rather cold here (mid-Tennessee) so the duck eggs have gotten completely cold before putting them under the hen, so it could be that they're not viable because of getting cold or they were never fertile to begin with. ** Incidentally, I would sure like to know if duck eggs can get cold and still be hatched. I have scoured the internet trying to figure that one out but haven't found any information. **

    Finally, the only other piece of information that may help on this mystery is Grumpy Pant's tail feathers. He and Tootsie are both Pekins, but he/she seems to kind of keep his tail feathers fanned out. Does this say anything?

    Any advice on duck or drake? Thank you for any and all input!!
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    Sounds like a dominant duck
  3. needlessjunk

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    You have 2 girls. If they sound the same they are both females plus you would see a drake father and ducks don't normally lay 2 eggs a day. She is just the queen and let's the other know it. My 2 Pekins were boys and there was no mistaking their raspy voice and drake feather. All the other things you listed also mean female from the fading color on her bill to wanting oyster shell.
  4. PrintedPerfect

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    Mar 19, 2014
    Nunnelly, TN
    Thank you both! My first inclination was that it was a girl, but it was supposed to be a boy - and then the whole scene we have every morning. Kinda forward of it to be dominating the existing duck though, you'd think it would meander in and join the flock at the bottom of the ranks.

    I so very much appreciate the insight. I feel better now, and the egg thing makes more sense. I was really puzzled about that, and been sitting back watching our egg count with bewilderment for the last three weeks - if I get one chicken egg a day (out of three hens) I am lucky, but normally get two duck eggs per day. The latter is okay, I prefer the duck eggs, but it was definitely puzzling!

    Again, thanks!

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