Pekin (?) duckling needs home. Central Oklahoma

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    Someone abandoned a young duckling who needs a good home. I estimate he or she is about 2.5-3 weeks old. I think it's probably a pekin although it could certainly be a cross with something too, possibly a runner (probably an Atwoods or Tractor Supply duck). Ducks do better if they have a friend (I saw a similarly sized pekin advertised in the Lawton craigslist today) and adult ducks will not accept youngsters so it would be great if someone who has ducklings would like this fella as an extra. Please email me or PM me if you are interested and ready for a duckling. Thanks. Here's a picture of the little guy.
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    Thanks so much to the folks who offered to give the little one a home. S/he's now with a new 'mom' and will live a very happy life! I do place ducks and geese for the local wildlife center all year round, so if anyone is interested in potentially providing a good home for these ducks and geese, please email me and I will ask you a few questions and then contact you when something arrives that might interest you. I appreciate the good BYC folks of Oklahoma who so kindly help out the homeless ducks and geese!
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    What is sad to me about this is it would have been just as easy for the original owners of this bird to find it a home rather than just abandoning the poor thing to the unknown. As a general rule: People are wretched creatures!

    Thank you for doing what you do! I am glad to hear this little guy (or gal) has a good home now.
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    Thank you, Macabre. So many people just don't think ahead or of anyone but themselves. It's good we have the BYC community to remind us of the Good Eggs in the world! :)

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