Pekin ducklings, Southern California


15 Years
May 17, 2007
Escondido, CA

Sorry for the previous mistake in posting this information. I guess I haven't kept up with the changes in the forums. In my haste to get these ducklings into better conditions I failed to read the rules. Sorry again!

If you live near Southern California I have 39 (that's no typo) pekin ducklings dropped off in an overnight box at a wildlife facility that I am looking to place in homes. They are about a day to three days old we believe.

If you are interested in some, or all, of these guys please let me know ASAP as my aviaries have chickens at the moment and I have no good place to house them for the long term. For the short term they are warm and happy and in groups of 12-13

I am willing to drive to transport them to you within reason, they are in San Diego.

If you are interested in 2 or more of these cute babies please email or PM me. All offers considered, if you make a donation for these guys it will go to Project Wildlife, but I will be happy if you just want to take them home with you!


[email protected]

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