Pekin Ducks in the winter


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Aug 21, 2010
Washington Twp, Mi
Should I put my Pekin Ducks in the garage for the winter. My polish neighbor is upset that I was not going to put them in the garage. I have a cedar dog house with a heated water buckert outside, not insulted though. I thought if I keep them out of the drafts , if they go into the dog house, that I should be ok?? They free range since we live in a subdivision and lots of bushs to hide in. What are your thoughts. I dont want the neighbor to be mad or the ducks being harmed. This is the first year for them. If I should put them in the garage what bedding should I use and how should I pen them up? I dont think that they would be happy in a pen for the whole winter since I live in Michigan and it cold here for a while.

Help Please!!!
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Olive Hill

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Apr 19, 2009
They'll be perfectly fine outside. Ducks are very well insulated naturally. Tell your neighbor to mind his business.

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