Pekin ducks wont use their pool ramp

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  1. I have 3 adult pekin ducks and have just recently upgraded them to a step 2 hard plastic pool.It is a lot bigger and deeper than their last pool so we built them a ramp. The ramp is not at all steep and is 2-3 inches wider than the ducks,but they refuse to use it and cannot get into or out of the pool.
    Today I put them into the pool and the stayed in there for 8 hrs before I had to shoo them out with a stick because they hadn't eaten since last evening. Here is a pic of the type of pool we have (not my pic, this is a pic found on Google, but same pool model). It has steps in the corners as you can see,and the ramp is setup right where those corner steps are. [​IMG]
    Any advice on how to train them to use the ramp or modify the ramp to make them more comfortable?
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    I had the same problem with my ducks. My husband and I built stairs, and it took me a whole month to get them to finally all LEARN to go up the steps to get to the water. I used greens from my garden and sprinkled them all of the way up the stairs, and into the pond. I did this for at least two or three weeks, and they FINALLY learned.
  3. I use cement blocks for them to use.
    Mine love the pool and usually dont take the stairs at all. Even my tiny Call duck can jump into the kiddie pool.

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