Pekin Eggs Air Pocket- days 20-26??


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Jun 18, 2013
i have 4 viable Pekin eggs that my very broody girl Ethel is taking care of herself. My problem has been I am not 100% sure when she truly started incubating and 1 & 6 eggs seem like they are closer to hatch (much solidness inside eggs, getting harder to see in them) than 3, & 4 is slightly behind 3.. I think! What should I be seeing in days 20-26ish in the air pocket. This is my days old GUESS

They all have movement. 1&6 are starting to have tilted air pockets. That I have marked. 3 has gotten wider and 4 isn't as much as 3 just yet. Can anyone tell me what to look for in the air pocket itself compared to days they are old so might have a better idea of when they will hatch? I was told when they are close to hatch the pocket will lose its roundness and maybe be irregular shaped? That they will also take up 1/3 of the egg? Will the veins completely disappear? I really have to look to see veins in eggs 1&6. I see them good in one area of 3 and 4 has more visible veining near air pocket. You tube hasn't been much help because some of the ages suggested by the candles don't seem to be consistent with each idk which to trust. Plus they're duck eggs, not chicken, and my duck is setting them not an incubator... I don't feel like I'm getting a real world experience there! Lol! Any suggestions/ advice appreciated!!

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