Pekin gone broody, I think

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by coolchickens, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I noticed one of my Pekin ducks has been sitting on the duck nest box all night for a couple of days and now is on it all day too. I'm excited that she may have gone broody. I was told Pekins are hard to get broody. I have one Indian Runner drake and 3 Pekin girls so this will be a cross. I also noticed last night one of the other girls crawled on top of her to lay another egg so there will be different days on the eggs if she is setting. How many days does it take? (I've only done chicken eggs) and is there anything special I need to know? PS - I think there are a couple of chicken eggs also under her, should I remove those? Thanks - Sharon

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    Hi Sharon, Duck eggs take about a week longer than chicken eggs. - 28 days. If you want the duck eggs to hatch I would probably take the chicken eggs as they would hatch well before the duck eggs and I don't know if the duck would stay with the other eggs or take the chicks and leave the nest. I had a chicken hatch out two ducks and then sit an additional two weeks to hatch out a couple chicken eggs the other chickens added to her nest but I think that was an exception.

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