Pekin injured badly! Anything more I should be doing??


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Jul 26, 2009
Chenango Forks NY
I have a year old female pekin that was attacked by a racoon the night before last. As far as I can tell the coon pulled her by her leg up to the fence and took some of the skin off of her back. She is alive and does not seem to be in much pain. I gave her a bath in the tub to try and clean some of the dirt and debris out of the wound. It was and is very dirty, I assume from her laying in the dirt all night. I cleaned her up the best I could and put some blue-kote (sp?) on it and wrapped her up. I am pretty sure that she will be fine, she is alert, eating, drinking, pooping, and does not seem to be in much pain although the wound is pretty large and nasty.

I am about to give her another bath and I wondered if there is more that I should be doing for her? Like should she have some low dose asprin or something? Is there something other then blue-kote that I should be putting on her? At this point I am worried about infection but will the blue-kote take care of that or should I get something else? I have use it on chickens in the past and it has worked wonders.

Any answers, words of encouragement or anything would be appreciated! Its going to be quite awhile before she is better but on the bright side she gets to be a spoiled house duck along with my blind duck for the time being. Thanks


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Jun 10, 2010
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We had chicks - maybe 4 weeks old - get attacked by a possum. Out of 8 chicks, two escaped unscathed, and one looked like he/she had half of its wing eaten off; I could see the bone sticking out. It looked like it was ready to give up the ghost. I handed the little thing over to my husband to hold and keep warm "till it dies" I told him, while I fixed a quick makeshift pen for the other two in bathroom. By the time I had them all situated, the injured one was still hanging on, so I squirted some neosporin onto the wound(mostly for the lidocaine), put it in it's own box with heat lamp, food and water, and then it was time to go to church. When we got home, my husband went in first - to take the dead one away, but it was still breathing. It looked a little touch and go for a couple of days, but then it started eating again - it had been drinking only - and it's now keeping up with the other two like nothing ever happened!
To make a long story short - I know, too late - I would squirt some neosporin on the wound, keep her secluded, and she will probably recover.


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Apr 9, 2010
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I swear by hydrogen peroxide for cleaning out wounds. The bubbling action as it's giving up that extra oxygen molecule does a bang up job of getting dirt and debris out of there. It can sting a bit if poured full strength into the wound. If you're concerned about causing and more discomfort to your bird, put a couple of cups of hydrogen peroxide in a small tub of warm water and give your duck a nice long soak, sluicing the water over the wound to remove the debris. It's really important that you get that as clean as possible before dressing with antibiotic ointments or BlueKote. Only use the peroxide for the initial cleaning, BTW. Continued use can delay a good scab forming and slow healing. I also like the Triple Antibiotic Ointment over Neosporin, but that's a personal preference.

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