Pekin liquid poop


Oct 26, 2015
Boston Ma
I have 2 little knuckleheads (1 M Rouen & 1 F Pekin).
They both are 7 months old and quite the pair. I have also had 1 Rouen in the past. Anyhow they are indoor ducks and get plenty of outside time too. Both are on the same diet and she is egg laying.

My question is.... His droppings are like my previous Rouen, like a cottage cheese without the clumps and the thickness varies a little. Hers however are a huge splat like someone dumped over a cup of water.

I'm trying to think of what I can do to help solidify her poop's some.

There food at night is egglayer pellets and during the day she loves dry Cheerios (him not so much but my old Rouen loved wet Cheerios) some lettuce once a week, mozzarella cheese sticks as a treat at night 1/2 the time. That's the basic obviously there's the fun once in a while table scraps of chicken, rice pilaf, corn etc...

If she's in a diaper harness it becomes almost useless after she poop's because it leaks out and soaks the harness. And if she's not in it I'm going through a bazillion dollars in paper towels.

Thanks in advance for suggestions
Ducks can have food sensitivities - there are some lists that can give you ideas, but I would start eliminating one thing at a time from the diet, beginning with the cheese. It may be fine, but some have said it's hard for ducks to digest milk products.

Also, see if you can set out a small side dish of grit…I also read once that insufficient grit makes for loose stools.

There is a slight possibility, that there may be a parasite or infection involved. You may be able to bring a stool sample to the vet and have them run some tests.

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