Pekin or Alyesbury?

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    My science teacher hatched 14 Pekin ducklings in her classroom. I got 2 and named them Paisley and Paxton bc we think one is a girl and the other is a boy. When my teacher bought the eggs they were all supposed to be pekin and that's what everyone thought. my sister was excited and sent pics of them to her friends. one of her friends owned ducks and said one was pekin and the other was alyesbury. she was certain that this was the case as she is studying duck breeds and behaviors. we did research and all my family could find is the only physical different is the color of the beak. if it was pink it was alyesbury and if it was orange it is pekin. Paisley has a pink beak and Paxton has the orange beak. Can anyone please tell me if paisley is pekin or alyesbury or ways to tell? i'll send pics of them. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] glad you have joined us.

    Sorry, I don't have an answer, I know nothing about Ducks.

    But suggest you post the pic and question in the Ducks forum, hopefully someone there can give you an ID.
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    Hi and welcome to BYC. I hope that the duck folks can help you out.
    Best wishes
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    The duck people will know. [​IMG]

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