PEKIN or CAYUGA GIRL(s) WANTED - for pet and mate for a lonely drake - OHIO


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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
FOUND! My local hatchery gave me the number of their flock owner who gladly sold me one!
My 1 year old Pekin drake lost his girlfriend/mate/companion Friday night. He is lonely and confused and I need to get him a duck or two to get his mind right. He is mourning and it is heartbreaking for me as he is a beloved pet. SPOILED as heck, never wants for anything, protected from predators and kept pretty warm in the winter. BIG pond and property to graze on. I work from home so I am here all day with him. I am in Union County Ohio but I'll drive to find him a friend or 2. I am willing to pay -- not asking for freebies.

THIS IS MY LAST RESORT BEFORE I GIVE HIM TO SOMEONE WHO HAS A FEMALE BUT NOT WILLING TO PART WITH IT. I have the resources to provide a cushy life for the ducks, I just need to find a few that aren't chicks.

THanks for your help

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