Pekin-Rouen-Domestic Mallard drake and Domestic Mallard hen in Austin, TX need new home


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Jul 19, 2021
Hi, all,

I need to rehome Zippy the drake (age 1) and his mom, Rizzo (age 3), because they're having trouble fitting in with our flock.

Rizzo's a good layer as far as Domestic Mallards go, but she has zero maternal instincts. Want fresh eggs but not ducklings? She's your gal.

Zippy is a sweetie but he and his dad Do Not Get Along. He needs a place where he can be himself without his dad hassling him all the time.

Want these two lovable misfits? I'm happy to meet up in the greater Austin area with someone who can give them a judgment-free home. 🦆🦆


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