pekin sitting only 3 eggs left is black inside the egg normal?


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Georgia, VT
I have a pekin sitting and she has been on them for the most part, as well as one of her friends too, but, I am concerned about the eggs. They have managed to crush or break 5 and only 3 remain. I candled them and one was ok looking, but, the other two were really hard to tell. Now, the other two literally look like I can see black through them....THey are pekins and so they would be yellow and not dark. Thoswe two have a smell too, but, I can't tell if it is from them or leftover from the last one that they crushed and it got everywhere and I think that it was bad. If they look at all different than the normal color that eggs start out at, is something wrong? I don't know how far along they are (at least 10 days) becausae she was sitting and I was pulling them out and finally left her the 9, only 3 remain.

Also, if she has been sitting all the time, which she has, what would make all of the eggs go bad?


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Northern WI
Ok ill try to help

If they have a smell to them both of the "funny looking ones"

does the good egg have a smell too? because if the good egg doesnt smell but the other 2 do, and they look different from the good one, I think its safe to say there bad eggs....

any other oppinions?

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