Pekin x Khaki Campbell offspring

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    Sep 21, 2010
    I've been researching the different color patterns of White Pekin and Khaki Campbell ducklings and I've never seen any that resemble mine. They look like Swedish ducks! I didn't know if that is normal or not. Two of the ducklings out of 11 look like Rouen, which could very well be that my Rouen hen was also laying eggs in the Khaki's nest. But that still doesn't explain why the other 9 look Swedish. They are all shiny black with white bibs and wing tips. Any thoughts?
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    I guess I'd look up the original heritage of Swedish.

    All of the set Rouen, Khaki, and swedish and pekin are all derived from Mallards... so the color set IS possible...

    Pictures??? How old???
  3. safayr3

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    Sep 21, 2010

    The top photo is the ducklings as adults, now almost 2 years old. The bottom is them as ducklings with the mother.
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    If peking ducks are extended black underneath the white, that would explain.
    Extended black is linked to dominant bib. To get an all black duck you need a recessive modifier to suppress the bib. In my opinion this gene may well be the dusky gene that the khaki campbell carry, but the pekins don't.
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    I know nothing about duck genetics. All I do know from personal experience is that when ever I have crossed any 2 breeds or any color of ducks, the offspring always turns out black or blue bibbed. You'd think all domestic ducks derived from that pattern instead of the mallard coloring or pattern.
    Half my ducks look like Swedes and I have never owned one in my life. [​IMG] The other half are the parents of various breeds including mallards.
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    Well now I don't have to buy swedes ... thanks!
  7. safayr3

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Hmmmm, who knew? That's just really crazy that they end up that they somehow end up that way.
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    May 20, 2012
    We had some crazy weather up here in NY this spring/summer. I planted ten Khaki Campbell x (Crested) Pekin eggs under two broody Cochins and managed to get 3 to hatch. Very much a sex-linked hybrid here! They're also huge. The female is larger than my production Rouen AND larger than her mother. The males are bigger still!

    First a picture of them with my TSC-purchased Silkie roo for a size comparison (though it's unfair since they're laying down and he's standing a couple feet closer to the camera). Second one is of them in juvenile plumage. As you can see, the female was a stand-out AND a looker even then.



    Yes, she's chocolate, not black. The camera on my phone isn't that hot in bright sunlight, and I haven't run any filters on them to clean them up -- just to shrink them in size.

    In the two weeks since the top picture was taken the drakes have molted even more into their nuptial plumage -- their heads are so shockingly green it's amazing, and I've been around a fair number of domestic Mallards. The breast feathers on both are lightly laced, with one of them having a white patch right in the center of the breast, and they both still has a trace of juvenile/eclipse plumage left. Mother's a laying machine (almost every day since January when she started laying) and from a breeder a county over who has some of the best stock in the state, and father's hatchery stock from Ideal, so I would expect an above-average layer (though that's a big assumption with the quality of some hatchery breeding programs -- or lack thereof). I'm tempted to line-breed to see what I'll get, but most likely I'll try to breed my favorite of the two boys to some Holderread utility stock Silver Appleyards if I order for next year.
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    Aug 2, 2013
    I know this is an older post, but I wondered if you ever figured out why your 'Pekin' had Swedish Ducks? Are you sure it is a Pekin. My avatar shows a white Black Swedish duck. 15% Of Swedish carry a recessive gene that shows white. I didn't believe it until she hatched out Black Swedish from her and a Khaki Campbell drake! I thought the breeder slipped in a Pekin in error LOL I hatched the first 7 and she has 8 she hatched right now. Except for 2 from first batch of egg and 1 this brood, that is brown/yellow, they are all Black/yellow Swedish. Here is a link to where the family can be viewed live during daylight hrs. if your interested.

    Just thought I'd shoot over an FYI - unless you already know that case just ignore this LOL

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