Peking duck swimming age


6 Years
Aug 8, 2013
So I have 4 adult females and 1 male I incubated sum of their eggs and now have 9 babies 4 weeks old! I have transitioned them to a ciio finally in my barn with sum baby chickens..first question does anybody know of a good watering system so they don't splash around 5 gal of water a day?! Next my adult ducks free range during the day and spend most of their day in a couple of ponds on the property..when is it safe for the babies to join the big ducks?!
i'd be worried they would either get stuck(in others words not know how to leave) or the adults get rough with them and drown.

I have my month + old pekin loose now but we don't have a pond and i purposely am keeping all water pools empty so they don't get stuck, their agility isn't the best yet and the adults here can be rough.. they are the only Pekin, i have other adult breeds...

I'd leave it till they were at least 2mths IMO... how deep are the ponds and can they easily be gotten in/out of? if they are more shallow it maybe less of a worry....

Mine can manage this stuff low laying water... it's not a pond just wonderful winter melt lol

They can get in and out easy but they are deep ponds maybe ill just supervise w adults and see how they react to the babies

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