Peking with Personality!


8 Years
May 4, 2011
My Peking Daffy is upset that the pecking order has changed to his brother Afflac being in charge! I left our 90 lb. English lab tied out to duck-sit yesterday for a 1/2 hr. while I went to pick my son up @ school. We come in the house & my kid opens the back door to let Madi inside. To our surprise!! There stands Daffy up on the back porch. He'd rather go up the steps & hang out with Madi then be 2nd in command!

He came up & knocked on the back door 1 time a few yrs. ago, whenever it was only him & Affy and they were out of food. It's a glass double door, so he looked right in & my husband sent me a phone photo at work.

He's lucky personality goes a long way!! He also bit my arm this morning. I picked him up after the bite; and verbally scolded him "bad" while I held his beak closed for a second. My lab ran away this AM before the duck bite. I was tying her out to do her morning business, after her breakfast. I stand there with wet hair in a towel,in a t-shirt @ 6:25 AM. I grab sweats & head outside she looks right @ me then bolts up the road.
Anyone want a lab & a duck? ONLY joking & venting! Thanks for the time!

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