pekins and quack sexing


9 Years
Nov 6, 2010
Northern Indiana
I have 8 st. run pekins that are 6 weeks old. Some are really quacking others are still peeping. When do drakes get a much more raspy voice? Every time I think I know what I have they seem to change. I've laughed at myself several times for listening to videos posted and reading other posts and I'm still just guessing it seems. I can figure out some that really quack but others seem to still peep. Those are the ones that confuse me. I found a video on youtube that shows an adult drake and duck then a young drake and duck. I could hear the difference in the video but then could not tell the difference in mine.
Maybe I need to take one duck at a time to a separate area to make sure that others are not confusing me when I hear them. Thoughts?

At this age the peeps are most likely males and the quacks are females. The best way I've had to tell the difference is too pick them up. The females Quack is usually louder when they are surprised but the males are still going to be a softer raspy noise.
Thank you! That is what I was thinking but just was not sure. I know that every now and then you can have a late blooming rooster but did not know if ducks are sometimes late quackers.

Pick them up and you will know!
Girls are LOUD!!!
Boys are just raspy and at this age, if they are still peeping, they are likely drakes.
Oh your welcome. I've had the occasional late blooming hen but usually by 7 weeks everyone is ready to be quack sexed.
I don't know if all pekin are a like, meaning if it's a breed thing or just personal thing, but my pekin quakes a lot. The two mallards never hardly ever make a sound except for the peeps when they are separated. I think one quakes, but it can go days without them making a sound except the screams when their separated and one really only has the separation thing really bad now. Mine are nine weeks old and I still don't know for sure what they are.

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