Pekins "Poor mothers"?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by BBowe, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Aug 30, 2015
    So my yearling Pekin laid 26 eggs about 30 days ago... I had another female that was killed by an eagle about a week prior to me finding the nesting the barn so perhaps she may have contributed to that number, not sure. Anyway I noticed the female missing a couple days after my other female died, and come to find out she's gone broody on her pile of eggs. This, I discover, about a week after placing my order with Metzer for 8 runners and 4 goslings, of course. According to my calculations I expected any possible ducklings about the same time my new birds were to arrive, perhaps a couple days prior. That date comes and goes, no ducklings from her. Then about 5 days after the other babies come, I find her with a single duckling. Fearing it would be trampled by our goats (as she made her nest in the barn) and her perceived lack of interest in the duckling, and that she hadn't taken the little thing to water or food for several days, we decided to put it in the brooder with the others. 5 days later (today), I get home, find her walking out of the barn with 2 more just-hatched ducklings. Brooder is getting kinda cramped with the now 10 ducklings and 4 goslings. Curious as to just how bad Pekins are regarding mothering? She doesn't seem to be especially concerned for their welfare, preening herself while the young are chirping because they can't get over the pond bank, being harassed by males, etc. Should remove them to the brooder? We were afraid of stressing the mother by taking her duckling the first time, but she really didn't seem that upset...

    Also, how strange is it that 2 more hatched 5 days after the first? I was sure whatever eggs were viable would have all hatched the same day for not within a couple hours of each other. Was planning to pull the remaining eggs Saturday, but now I'm not sure...

    Appreciate any input!!
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    I would take the ducklings, just for the best.

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