Pekins with bad legs

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    Jun 19, 2010
    My husband has been raising 4 Pekin ducks and 4 Muscoves and 4 Rouens in our fairly large bathtub so that he can eventually set them free on our Pond. We have thick rubber mats on the floor to make sure that it is not hard or uncomfortable for them. He feeds them twice a day and is constantly watering them. They are all about 5 weeks old. We have been them special food from the Poultry feed store. We have noticed that 2 of the Pekins are not walking on their 'feet' but look as if they are crawling around on their legs. One seems to have one leg longer than the other. I feel really bad for it as at times it seems to pivot around in cirles when it tries to stand and falls to the right a lot. I don't remeber this being the case 2 weeks ago but honestly my husband has been caring for them. The Pekin seemed to do worse after swimming. In addition when one of the other Pekins tries to walk it seems to step on its own foot and stumble as both feet turn inwards a lot.

    I have read on this site that the feed can have harmful ingredients so I will check this when I get home. We contacted a Vets office about the problem but he is on vacation until next week. We bought some Niacin to add to the feed after doing a web search on sites like this. We have also added Calcium to the food since I have read that this can be a problem too. I would give them antibiotics to see if this helped if I knew which one to get. I was wondering if anyone else has suggestions. We will try anything to help them. It breaks my heart to see these two ducks unable to walk properly. I fear that the will not do well when they are eventually released. My husband did raise 12 Pekins without any complications a couple of years ago and we take care of them on our pond year round. We were hoping to add to their family as they will not sit on their eggs when laid.
    Thank you.
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    Jun 10, 2010
    When you say 'special food" do you mean "medicated" food? Some chick starter has medication in it to prevent certain diseases, but ducklings eat much more of it... and in that quantity, it's dangerous to the ducklings. There's certain foods made for ducklings (and I'm going to assume that's what you have, thus nullifying my idea).

    Beyond that, it's possible that they were born like that and you couldn't tell for a while. I hope someone has better ideas than I do.
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    Jun 11, 2010
    Are both feet the same temp? We have 1 we took over from our neighbor with a wonky leg. We tried splinting but noticed 1 got colder when we tried to fix it.(Lack of circulation) You can also sling it to take weight off it. In the end we decided to just leave her alone. She hobbles really fast and is one of the first to chow. We did have to put her in and out of the pool at first. But now she gets in and out on her own. And laid her first egg the other day. We do have her locked up at night so as to avoid predators. But we do that with all of our ducks anyway.
    Maybe you got a bad batch of eggs or they had spraddle leg early and it didn't get caught. Don't give up on them.
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    Jun 19, 2010
    Thank you both for answering my post. Both legs are the same temperature but the body feels hot but this is for all of them. The foot problem is being overly pigeon toed to the degree that the duckling is standing on her own foot most of the time and so topples over onto her beak at times.
    I made my husband read the replies and then did some more internet research too. We will be speaking with the vet this week. I checked the food type that the Hatchery sold us - it says Layer feed!! I will be getting the correct feed this afternoon hopefully ( tractor supply has been out and is getting a supply today). I cut up some fresh grass last night and put it on the food. They seemed indifferent to it but ate it. My husband has been filling up a large container with food and leaving it in the tub for them to eat from. We added Niacin to their water also. After reading several other threads I think I will separate the worst Pekin into a box of it's own with straw or a towel temporarily to make sure it can get to the food and water without a struggle. I'm grateful for your help!

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