Pele's pecularity

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    Aug 31, 2009
    Pele my leader 15 week old SILKIE might just be losing her mind and helping me to do the same. Every feed time and my general upkeep care, she checks out what I bring in the bowl as the rest do and runs away to the side of the run where I am,usually I am not close to the wire when she does the following:paces back and forth,frets like worry wart,tries to put her feet up on hardware cloth to climb up to get out .It appears she wants something. I handfeed them as they hate getting their faces messed up ,most of them. I let them start the food by themselves first and when they give up to start complaining and getting B.....Y I go hand feed them.When the others return to try to feed themselves Pele continues the odd behavior. She sounds horrible and the pacing continues. She will mumble to me even when food or no upkeep just visiting. Heres the thing I have picked her and the others up since day one when they were in brooder. I try now since in run until coop is completed and they run away faster than a nything. I am trying to figure out if Pele wants my company . It seems she does not connect me and my voice from the lady who takes care of them to the lady who will pick her up but she will not let me get her ,it is a rare day I can catch her and I do it gently and quietly . I have to stick part of my taller than them body half into the run and that scares all of them. I do not have a door . This is a temp set up while hubby gets roof and outer work done on permanent home/coop outside .Is she somehow bonded to me as I sing to her and always have..........None of the other hungry girls or not show this behavior??????

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