Pellets for Bantams?


8 Years
Dec 16, 2011
Tri-Cities Tennessee
I was just wondering if it is ok to feed my bantams the same pellets as my bigger chickens. I was worried about chocking because of the smaller esophagus. I wanted to switch their feed, because it seems like the more balanced and less mess solution to scratch, plus I switched feed stores and they have a better selection. Thank you for any input on this
I feed my silkies, bantam cochins and all my LF chickens Pellets. Less mess and noones ever had a problem. They waste the crumbles more in my opinion but if your worried about it just use Layer Crumbles.
The following pertains to all but seramas, since I don't know anything about seramas and they are the smallest chicken:

I have had different kinds of bantams and they all ate layer pellets fine. I give them as treats as I mix my feed, and they liked them. This includes d'Uccles and Nankins, who are quite small.
My smallest bantams are Silver Sebrights and they eat pellets just fine. I have noticed the All Flock pellets from Nutrena seem to be smaller than some pelleted feed I've seen... And All Flock is what I use for everybody.

Heck, even some of my chicks only a week old have investigated pellets and swallowed a couple without choking!
I guess the pellets I am feeding aren't any bigger then the mealworms they get as treats. I just worry about them, they are my first minis
My bantams can swallow anything the same size or smaller than a whole kernel of corn - any pellets I've ever seen made for chickens were more than small enough to be eaten by most bantams. However, you must wait longer to switch them from a starter/grower crumble to the pellets. The only problems I've run into with bantams is the chicks eating crumbled starter. I need to grind it into a mash for the first four days to a week before they can eat the crumbles.
Well these guys are adults, so no worries there, I just never had minis and that was just something that came to mind when I filled their feeder. They seem to be doing just fine with everything and are eating like little piggies.

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