Pellets Turning To Dust

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by sherpagirl, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. sherpagirl

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    I moved some pullets to a new coop. When i went back to clean out the old coop a few days later, i noticed that the pellets in the feeding tray of the feeder had turned to dust. And the tray was full to the tippy top with this dust. There is no sign of bugs or mice. The coop and feeder are clean. Are there some microbes that can do this? I am worried about this as some of the pullets in that coop were sick (undetermined sleepy illness) and i'm wondering if whatever is doing this to the food now could have been doing something to make my chickens sick?

    Central New York
  2. southerndesert

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    Jun 17, 2011
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    Has it been very humid where you are? Moisture will break them down pretty quickly.... Or perhaps you got a bad batch, is the rest of the bag not used also breaking down?
  3. leonphelps

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    my vote is humidity.
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    Normally, if you put a scoop or two into a bucket, add a cup of water and stir, the moisture will re-constitute them into an almost "crumble" form. They'd need not go to waste. Likely the sticky "food glue" the feed plant used just failed, that's all.
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    My pellets are doing the same thing, I'm glad I found this post! I find the occasional chicken standing in the feeder of pellets (even though I have it hanging) and was wondering if they were crumbling them by standing on them or if they were just breaking them down with their beaks?
  6. sherpagirl

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    Yes, moisture in New York State, what day lately hasn't it rained?! The pellets in the bag seem fine, it's just the ones in the trays of the abandoned coops. They haven't just fallen apart, they've really become dust. So, there aren't any harmful microbes that do this? I am worried about using this feed for others. I thought it might have been a clue as to why that one group of pullets was sick.
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  8. leonphelps

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    I dont think you want to put water in the feed. When you put water in the feed it will start decomposing it and it puts off crazy heat. The feed will soon get mold and mildew and is already bad.

    toss is out for the sake of your birds.

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