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    Oct 24, 2016
    So i read online about how when a pullet is going to lay its first eggs you can tell by certain signs, and 1 of those signs is that you can fit 2 fingers in between the pelvic bones, one of my pullets pelvic bone area i can fit 2 fingers perfectly well, and she just started squating and moving her tail up and down when i pet her. She is 5 1/2 months old. Is she going to be laying her first egg within the next month coming? Or when?
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    Interesting! I've never heard of that, but that's not surprising. I'm interested in finding out, too, since I've got a 5 1/2 month old about to start laying, too!
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    It is true that it's one of the indications of being ready to lay. However, where you live will play an even bigger role in how soon she lays.

    Those of us with pullets aged six months and residing in the northern hemisphere may not see those first eggs until February sometime. The days are getting shorter up in this half of the earth, and it can set point of lay back a few months.

    If you live down under, the days are getting longer, and you will see those first eggs very soon. Not so for the rest of us.
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    The two fingertips and especially the squatting signal onset of lay is imminent, despite the daylight length.
    How imminent might depend how thin your finger tips are......
    .....and 2 fingertipss is not an absolute finite measurement.
    The squatting mean sexually receptive and usually happens before hormones widen the pelvis.

    Don't think the tail movement means anything, haven't heard that one before.

    Has she been checking out the nests?
    Might want to put a fake egg/golf ball in one of the nest to entice her to lay there.

    Best of cLuck, exciting times!

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