Pen Pals for my kids!

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    Well it's been a while since I've been on here!! We learned back in February of this year thay my little two year old has severe asthma and we have been living in the Pediatric ICU. But we are FINALLY home now!! [​IMG] Any way.. My six and four year old where wanting to find a pen pal... I have looked at so many sights and they either want money or they just don't seem to be right. Have any of you gotten pen pals for your young kids? I don't know where to get them, could any of you please help me? Thanks so much [​IMG]

    Or does any body want to let their kids exchange snail mail letters with my kids.... they are 6(girl) 4 (boy) and 2( girl).....
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    My kids are too old at 8 and 11,but I just wanted to say how glad I am to read your little one is home now.Good health to them all.

    I had 3 pen pals while in college.Wrote to them for many years.Some of them traveled the world,so I got some neat pictures from Japan,Sweden,and Egypt. I still write to one that is now married with a child. Hope your kids have fun with it too!

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