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Oct 11, 2020
I’m currently raising 12 Bantam chicks in small cage pen (4’x4’x2’) and plan on building a larger pen on wheels and on a trailer to pull around yard every 3-5 days to green grass to house them in, with a mini laying coop built within( 2 laying boxes, a tray with bark to sleep on as well as perching bar with plywood surround to protect from sun, rain w/rain and night time predictors! My question, how tall does it have to be for them, we don’t plan on being able to step in,, all work done from outside with wire lids that hinge upward. Whole pen is going to be hog wire covered with hardware cloth to keep car its out!!
But how much height do 12 birds need??


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Jul 3, 2016
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Height technically only needs to be tall enough for chickens to stand upright and maybe hop around a bit. That's maybe 1-2', depending on how flighty the birds are.

More realistically you'll need it tall enough to fit anything else you're including in there, such as feeders, waterers, etc.

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