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    I have a pair of Penciled Red Palms that were shipped to me by Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys on August 5, 2013. They are well started and should be ready to breed in the spring. They will breed true.

    Their color is still developing. Poults hatch yellow, feather in white and the red develops over time.

    I will not ship. I will deliver at no charge anywhere between Big Timber, Three Forks, Gardiner and White Sulphur Springs--basically a reasonable distance from Bozeman/Livingston. I will travel further within Montana for a negotiable contribution for gas. Of course you're always welcome to pick-up the birds.

    I'm selling this pair because I've decided against building a second pen to keep them separate from my Mottled Chocolates--the hens of both varieties are too mobile and hop in and out of their pen.

    They've each had one wing clipped, though they are ready for another trimming.

    The tom had his snood injured by an mean Auburn tom (the mean tom was Thanksgiving dinner), consequently the snood doesn't "grow" quite as long as it should. Again, see photos.

    These birds have been living in an unheated insulated shed, they all survived the extreme cold spell just fine. They even were going outside their shelter when it was -15F (much colder with windchill) while my chickens were hiding inside their coop.

    PM or reply with any questions.
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