PENDING P-U Rabbits-New Zealand White/Californian-2 Does/1Buck

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    Please make arrangements with us before hitting the BIN button if you need us to drive to meet you. Shipping is not available, but we are willing to meet within a couple hours for gas money. We are about an hour west of Savannah.

    Nice quality meat rabbits will weigh 9-10 lbs at full maturity. Does are a nice size (approx 15 inches long) now, though hard to tell in photos. They will fill out more in the next month or so, but are of breeding age now. These rabbits are all New Zealand White (pedigreed buck) / Californian cross (NZW/Cali cross does). You can read about the advantages of this cross on the internet. We breed this way for genetic vigor, and have been very pleased with the results. All of our rabbits are handled regularly. They are not super tame, but are not aggressive at all. $50 for all three rabbits.

    Also, look for my ad for our STUNNING Blue Barred Easter Egger Cockerel - 17 weeks - pea comb, beard/muffs, very cool barring.

    Buck - 9 1/2 weeks

    Doe #1 - 6 months

    Doe #2 - 6 1/2 months

    Thanks for your time. Have a great day!
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