Pendulous crop- genetic? Any hope?


7 Years
Apr 14, 2013
Loretto, TN
I've got two chickens with repeated impacted crops and they now have what seems to be permanent pendulous crops. I put them in the "recovery" coop so they could have a special, softer diet and it appears to be keeping them relatively comfortable and they are getting some weight back. The hen, however, was making the younger cockerel's life miserable. I tried putting both of them back with the group, and she was making everyone's life miserable.

Do you think she is just in so much pain that I should cull her? The cockerel may be her offspring, so I'm wondering if I should also cull him to prevent passing this on if it may be genetic. I had planned to use him with another unrelated group of hens but I won't if he could pass this on.

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