Pendulous Crop?

Cole Campbell

Aug 22, 2019
Am I dealing with pendulous crop? 😞 My one year old ameracauna hen had been doing some weird things with her neck, but the whole flock had a cold, so I treated everyone with antibiotics, but after a few days I noticed everyone else got better but she was still doing the weird thing with her head, like she was trying to swallow something big but couldn’t. On closer inspection, her crop was very droopy and it was soft and squishy to the touch. I held her upside down (my grandma had always told me if they’re having crop issues you want to get the foul stuff out) and a ton of murky, smelly brown water/fluid came out and her crop became smaller. I looked it up and I think it’s pendulous crop, but I can’t find anything on treating it other than to put them on water only for 24 hours. I brought her home and separated her, and did the water only for 24 hours and her crop looked normal. I gave her a tiny bit of food this morning, and when I came back home from the store, her crop looks droopy again 😢 I’m attaching some pictures of her below. Is it pendulous crop? If so, am I doing it right? How do you treat long term????


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Jesus Loves You
May 25, 2020
Western Washington
I have never experienced pendulous crop, but I think first off you need to give them water for several hours (24-48 hours) which it looks like you are doing 🙂 Some people suggest to then empty the crop and keep them on water for another 24 hours. Then slowly introduce small bits of moistened feed to the hen and wait to see what happens. During this period of time, you can mix some apple cider vinegar into her water. Here is a helpful link I found:

If possible, try taking your chicken to the vet. I hope your chicken gets better, and that she will soon be running around with the rest of the flock, happy and healthy. :hugs

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