Penedesencas: can anyone help? New Pics


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
I have 2 Penedesenca chicks. These are partridge penes, now 4 weeks old.
It looks to me like i have 1 boy and 1 girl. One big legs, bigger overall, big comb, one fine partridge feathers, pretty pretty and more delicate in comparison.

the female has good partridge feathering, very pretty
The male is the same colors but does not have the same pattern all over like she does

I have not seen pics of chicks at this age
not sure re is he actually the same colors and just the male version?

Is anyone raising these? Do you have pics?
and at young ages?
what are they supposed to look like?

I will post pics later today to show you my little ones.
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little girl on right

Little girl in front, little boy right behind her

little girl

little girl

little boy

little boy

little boy
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Thanks for the response
I think there just aren't many folks with these chicks around.
As I look at the breed pics on Hendersons and Feathersite

I think they are both Partridge and the boys are just that much different looking.
But I was hoping for some experts or at least some with Pene experience to chime in.

Thanks for letting me know someone was out there!
Oh Excellent
thanks very much
it's hard to get much info on this breed still
thanks for the response.
Yes, I think you have sexed them correctly. I have just 4 Partridge that I raised from chicks. You should be able to see the extra points at the back of his come by now.

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