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    May 6, 2010
    Gaines, MI
    Is anyone out there breeding Partridge Penedesencas? How about any Michiganders breeding them?

    What is their average rate of lay? I ask because I have a breeding pair that is about 19 weeks old. I am hoping that once she does start to lay I can get a half-dozen eggs in seven days in March or April to set in the incubator.

    I ordered some hatching eggs from a good line (as far as I can tell anyway) but only got two to hatch - a hen and a rooster.

    I would like to add at least a few more hens to my pair so I can hatch out more than four or five at a time.

    So if anyone has Partridge Pene eggs they could sell me (shipping or pick up for Michigan addresses) sometime next Spring please let me know - posting here is fine or send a PM or email.



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