Penetran for crossed beaks....?

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    Apr 14, 2008
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    found on another forum...I am interested since I have two - one older pullet that is bad and a 4 day that is just starting...
    anyone hear of it? any problems, success, contraindictions...?
    "Use of Penetran for Beak Malocclusion Greg J. Harrison, DVM Dipl. ABVP Avian"
    Topical application of Penetran is effective for avian skin rashes, local irritations and ulcerations. It can be mixed with aloe vera liquid for generalized dermatologic conditions. Because it has penetrating properties, I have used it to treat some deeper muscular problems. In two cases of a serious beak malocclusion with underbite, the only therapy was application of Penetran to the facial muscles including the periopthalmic areas. In a ten-day-old cockatoo, the muscles relaxed and the beak returned to normal positioning overnight; a full week of Penetran application and prolonged periods of manual positioning of the beak were also successful in a four-week-old cockatoo.Penetran is a commercially available ammonium solution from TransDermal Technologies, Inc.
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    Guess you can try it.

    If it's a skull deformity where bone plates are fused, it wont' do anything. If it's muscle related might have a chance.

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