penicill g procaine for rooster, how much?

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    Aug 16, 2012
    ok so i went to the store this am and bought the penicillin for my sickly rooster who was attacked by a stray dog, with a collar on.. dont think it had rabbies or anything. he has a 2 yr old barred rock pure bred. how much should i give him? unfortunately i havea 25 gauge ml syringe... what they offered :( in the middle of no where. i dont have access to much out here and car broke down too yesterday :mad: cant get out of town atm. so please help me with what you can. is a barred rock's skin EVER bluish greenish hued? or is this gangrene? he is doing better today.. walking around inside and he even crowed... no signs of any more maggots. **** guy at the farm store said hell likely get better then die any ways..... :mad: i know out here chickens are objects BUT malcom is my deformed dog ; ) *giggles* tell me what to do now.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    According to this, the dosage is .1cc per pound of bird. You give it once a day, alternating breast sides, for five to seven days. Weigh your rooster, and find out how much he weighs, and give him the dosage accordingly.

    You'll need a 20 gauge needle or larger to give Penicillin properly. It is a thick antibiotic, and a 25 gauge needle is pretty small. I've given Penicillin to my chickens before, and I first tried a 22 gauge needle. This did not work well, so I used a 18 gauge needle, which worked great.

    Bluish greenish coloring often indicates bruising on a chicken. This isn't unlikely if he was attacked by a dog. As long as he's acting normal, I think that he'll be fine.

    Hope I've helped!
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    Aug 16, 2012
    thanks for the info.. he seems depressed.. we brought his queen in for a lil and perked him up but he still has that air of depression about him... perhaps it is mixture of depression (he/we/ lost two hens to that dog) and soreness that makes him lethargic and he dont move much... which is likely why the flies attacked him to begin with as he wasnt really "wounded" but more depressed and bruised. and VERY still. thanks again.
  4. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    Chickens do suffer from depression if one of their flock members dies,this is normal. He is acting lethargic b/c of wounds/pain,it will take awhile before he starts to feel better,make sure he is eating/drinking,supplement with vitamins.

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