penicillin G procaine / dose size

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  1. Annie Smith

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    Oct 6, 2008
    I've been advised to use Penicillin G procaine as a treatment for a secondary infection from Avian Pox... One Red Isld Red with infected eye and one Cuckoo Moran with infected ear...scabs & sores on combs & waddles.

    We are continuing cleaning scabs on combs & waddle with provodone iodine, neosporin ointment in ear, cleansing eye with saline solution. Anyother advise?

    What dosage is advised for penicillin injection?

    Thanks to all that have shared their experience & opinions. Annie
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  2. mypicklebird

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    Aug 8, 2008
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    Honestly, most dry pox does not need systemic treatment (like injectable pen G), the sores are similar to kids with chicken pox- after 2-3 weeks they dry up and go away. topicals MAY help them dry up faster- but the duration of the pox lesions is based on how long it takes for the body to notice and destroy the virus, and for the tissue to heal. Personally I would either ignore them, or do the topicals- it may make the human caretakers feel better to be involved & hands on to pick out the birds that need more TLC- as well as keep the eyes open so the bird can see to eat better. Many people jump to systemic meds when they are not needed. There are few to no on label antibiotics for layers or published withdrawal times, so if you use these things- you need to think seriously about EVER selling or giving eggs to someone beyond your family. I have never seen a dry fowl pox lesion abscess to a point that systemic antibiotics were needed. Yes, they get irritated/red/seep serum- but not outright pus filled deep abscess.

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