Penicillin injectible put down the throat?

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    Has anyone heard of putting a penicillin injection down a chicken's throat? This suggestion was given to a young man in front of me at the feed store from a man who has fought roosters for years. He said it works fine (actually works faster), and the injection can damage the breast, causing abcesses, etc. Because I need to give my roo that was attacked by a weasel some penicillin, I would LIKE to be able to put it down his throat as opposed to trying to give him a shot, which I've never done before. But I'm not sure that I want to take the advice of a man who fights roosters.

    Does anyone know the scoop on this? I'll appreciate any help I can get!!

    Hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!

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    Penicillin is an antibiotic that is excreted from the body very fast. In humans, when it first came out, they actually collected the urine and re purified it from patients to use again.

    That said, if penicillin injectable is formulated for injection, give it by injection. Giving it in a different method may not give it's full effect and by ingesting it, would defiantly cause it to be excreted even faster. It might not even work at full strength if ingested, which is important, because a partial dose of antibiotic increases the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria as it leaves more survivors.
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    It might work but it is more likely that the penicillin in that form would be destroyed by the digestive juices. Also, given that way it won't do the beneficial flora in the gut any good either. There are formulations of antibiotics made to be given orally. You might look into one of them. BTW, abscesses at the injection site are usually causes by unsterile injection technique.
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    Im shure you could do that or you can just get the Penicillin V pill or you and get the Amoxicillin pill... I would think the pill would be easy..


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    Quote:I believe if you have PROCAINE Penicillin that you DO NOT want to do this - the Procaine is a numbing agent (I believe) and is NOT GOOD to give orally. I asked a veterinarian about giving my chickens this sort of penicillin for an intestinal infection, as he recommended penicillin in their water. I told him I had the injectable form and he asked a little more, then as soon as I said "procaine" he said "Oh, no, you can't give them that orally".

    If it's just PLAIN PENICILLIN, I don't see why you couldn't put it down their throat. BUT, I don't think that's the way it is most commonly found as an injectable form, I think it usually has the Procaine with it.

    The shots aren't hard to give - the thing to remember is that it needs to be warmed to room temperature, and you want to find the keel or breast bone, and try to get it into the breast to the left of the keel bone. It is better to go TOO SHALLOW than TOO DEEP. If you get it under the skin, but not in the muscle, it will still be absorbed. Good luck!
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    Thanks soooooo much for all your help. I didn't make it to my feed mill today. Going early tomorrow. I'll let you know what I find out and how I go about this.

    Again, THANKS for your information. It is GOOD and very much appreciated.

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