"Pennsylvania! Unite!"

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    May 2, 2014
    Cumberland County PA
    Started out with two chicks in March and ordered six more that were coming in 5 wks. Went in to pick them up and they were sooooo cute I got 4 more total 12 in 5 wks. A week ago I posted that I was looking for a young roo, well thanks to "Pennsylvania! Unite!" Beaglandy contacted me about one of her sweet and beautiful Salmon Faverolles roos. Well I took her up on it and Sunday a cousin and I went to pick him up. Chicken math hit again, I came home with 1 young salmon fav cockerel, 2 young salmon fav pullets, and last but not least 1 young cuckoo marans pullet. They all are 12-14 wks. My others are 15 and 19 wks. Total count now 15 sweet girls and 1 sweet cockerel! Hope chicken math doesn't hit again or I'll have to get a new coop and run!! She had so many and they were all beautiful. I did not quarantine them they all look healthy and she said she checked for mites and there where none but she sprinkled them with sevin just in case. They sure look like they were fed good! lol I have them in a lg dog crate in coop so they can get used to each other. I might let them out with the rest later on today or tomorrow! I really enjoyed meeting beaglady and her chickens, ducks and turkeys!

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