Penny will be missed greatly :'(


10 Years
Jan 4, 2010
Bolivia N.C
Penny my RIR didn't come up to greet me when I drove up to the pen in the car, I thought "hey Bebe's out so surely Penny found her way out too, right?" (Bebe and penny cannot be contained, no matter how hard I try to keep them in, they always get out) I look up and my isolation pen's door is open, I think "OH NO BUFFY!!!!" Then here comes Buffy and Bebe running up to me. I look around and I cant see penny... Hmmmmm Thats strange....... She's normaly the first one to get to me. I look around and can't see her. I pick up Bebe and Buffy and start to walk around looking for penny. I can feel Bebe's and Buffy's hearts thumping against my hands. My fingers burrow into their feathers and I can feel their warm skin. The wind is blowing and I can feel buffy shiver. I set Bebe down and hold Buffy in my arms. I start to panic "wheres penny? surely she was smart enough not to go out in the open while the hawks are out. How could she miss the rooster's hawk crow?" I run and fech Bebe and lock them both in the only penny proof pen I have, the isolation pen. I lug the 50 pund bags of feed I bought today at the feed store. I wash Colors eye with his saline wash "wow Colors may never see penny again...." There was some chicken chemistry going on between them. As soon as I let Colors go he struts around missing penny. He crows for her over and over again. His brother was the head man but penny never liked sharing him, so she chose to let his little brother to protect her. But Colors couldn't get out of the pen, And besides he had no spurs yet just round lumps. And Rooster (colors big bro.) didn't care about Penny anyway, she didn't belong to him. So Colors walks around while I continue to look in all her normal dust bathing spots. No matter where I look I cant find her, or any feathers which is weird.... I call her and call her but she dosn't come. Even Colors joins in on the search for his girl friend. I finaly have to leave because I had other things I had to do. It took all I had in me not to burst out crying.

R.I.P Penny I will miss you so much
the coop won't be the same without you.
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