people dumping geese


8 Years
Dec 1, 2011
Rainier, Oregon
I went by oure local city park and lake a couple weeks ago and found that some one dumped off three geese and 6-7 ducks:( and as soon as I got home I went and called the park&rec office and asked if i could go to the lake and get them but the guy said no they are going to wait till it gets over populated (this lake is a mile long) and i am afraid that tey are going to starve to death or something will get them. so went back today to check on them and to give them some bread and some feed and they all where still thier but i could tell they had lost weight i am worried sick about them

is thier any advice as to who I could call and ask permision to take them in

I would post pictures of them but I cant figure out how to
Are their any farm sanctuaries around you? Also most of the times the Park people around here are useless. However, if your persistent in your calling you may get some help from people higher up such as a manager.
I dont know last time i talked to them they told me that they have a vendor come in and collect the geese and ducks so i dont know where they go from thier:he
Hmm I wish I could be of more help
. I'm glad your at least trying to help these poor creatures
Yes I do. Now that you have 10 posts you are allowed to post them.
How are you uploading them? Directly to BYC or to a photo source like photo bucket?
I would keep checking around. Perhaps the humane society or fish and game can help. Let people know you have a good home for them and that these are domestic animals that will starve or get eaten if they're not taken out of there. I've never heard of any place that won't let anyone help dumped animals. The only exception I've seen is when people donate or purchase animals for the park. And, if that's the case, there should be provisions for feeding them.

Yes, please post photos so that we can see what kinds they are. You're sure they're not wild geese or ducks, right?

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